USAU Masters Championships 2021

USAU Masters Championships 2021

The largest ever USA Ultimate Masters Championships will see nearly 100 teams face off in Aurora in six divisions (Men’s Masters, Men’s Grand Masters, Men’s Great Grand Masters, Mixed Masters, Women’s Masters, and Women’s Grand Masters). Not only will the tournament crown national champs, but it will also decide the invitation order for next summer’s World Masters Ultimate Club Championships (WMUCC).

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USAU Masters Championships 2021
  • Reboot Squad vs. Molly Grey | Women's Masters Final

    Boston's Reboot Squad cakewalked their way into the final. With a roster that looks eerily similar to their club affiliate Brute Squad, Reboot looks to take their first Masters Championship title as they meet familiar faces on Denver's Molly Grey.

  • Johnny Encore vs. Voltron2020 | Men's Masters Final

    Roll back the clock a few years and you'd think Denver Johnny Encore and Seattle Voltron2020 were Johnny Bravo and Sockeye in the championship game for club nationals. Instead, these two elite squads are in the final of Masters Championships and are competing for the guaranteed bid to the 2022 Wo...

  • Slower vs. Descent | Mixed Masters Final

    Boston Slower and Washington D.C. Descent waltzed through their early competition before finding tougher games in the bracket. See both star studded rosters battle it out for the championship and a guaranteed bid to 2022 Worlds Masters.

  • Johnny Encore vs. Boneyard | Men's Masters Semifinal

    Denver Johnny Encore and Raleigh Boneyard are no strangers to competing at the highest level, having both represented the United States at the World Masters Ultimate Club Championships. Here they clash once again on a big stage, as they celebrate the return to masters ultimate in a raucous affair...

  • Johnny Walker vs. Eldors | Men's Grand Masters Semifinal

    SoCal Eldors and Denver Johnny Walker are well acquainted, having played each other regularly starting with their men's club affiliates Condors and Johnny Bravo. Who will revisit the glory years and earn themselves a berth in the Masters Championship final?

  • Molly Blue vs. Stretch Mark | Women's Grand Masters Pool Play

    Both 1-seeded Denver Molly Blue and 2-seeded Minneapolis Stretch Mark are first time attendees at Masters Championships, but you can be sure they're excited to participate in a women's Grand Masters division that's only been around for a few years.

  • Reboot Squad vs. Ripe | Women's Masters Semifinal

    Boston Reboot Squad and Chapel Hill Ripe cruised through pool play on Friday before both facing stiffer competition in the Masters Championships quarterfinal. Which roster stacked with current elite club division talent will make it to the championship game?

  • Surly vs. No Country 50 | Men's Great Grand Masters Pool Play

    Minneapolis Surly and Boston No Country 50 feature some of the original guard of the game of the ultimate. Names like Alex De Frondeville or Jim Parinella may crop up in the history books of the sport, but here they show they've still got what it takes to play championship-level ultimate.

  • Antiques Roadshow vs. Old Fashioned | Mixed Masters Crossover

    In a battle of great names, Asheville Antiques Roadshow faces Madison Old Fashioned in a crossover game to determine who makes the championship bracket.

  • Reboot Squad vs. Aged Cheddar | Women's Masters Pool Play

    Boston Reboot Squad brings much of Brute Squad's current roster plus Raha Mozaffari together in a power team with aspirations to sweep through the Masters division. But Madison Aged Cheddar is no slouch, having advanced to quarterfinals in 2019, showcasing stars like Robyn Fennig and Kayla Emrick.

  • Viejo vs. Woolly Mammoth | Men's Masters Pool Play

    Austin vs. Gainesville – a classic throwback matchup. Come for the big names (Kurt Gibson, Jeff Loskorn, Andrew Roca, and Ryan Chard), stay for the big plays, and maybe even some sparks!