Send it Back

Send it Back

Writers, analysts, players, and guests revisit the best of the best in retrospective re-watches of the best games of ultimate ever filmed. Join us as we dive into history young and old in the Send it Back series.

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Send it Back
  • PoNY vs. Truck Stop | US Open 2019 | Send it Back

    Enter into the time machine with New York PoNY's Chris Kocher and Washington DC Truck Stop's Rowan McDonnell in Ultiworld's Sent it Back series for a rewatch of the semifinal matchup at the 2019 US Open that showcased big plays, zesty spirit, and two teams at the top of their game.

  • Drag'N Thrust vs Blackbird | 2017 Pro Championships | Send it Back

    Star players Erica Baken and Mac Taylor join Ultiworld's Sent it Back series for a fun revisit of the exciting matchup between Minneapolis Drag'N Thrust and San Francisco Blackbird from the 2017 Pro Championships.

  • NC Triforce vs Boston BUDA: 2017 YCC Final (Send it Back)

    In co-operation with Triangle Ultimate, Ultiworld is proud to host coach Sol Yanuck (Triforce) and star players Liam Searles-Bohs (Triforce) and Marcel Oliart (BUDA) as they revisit the exciting final from the 2017 Youth Club Championships.

  • NC Warhawks vs DC Rogue: 2017 YCC Final (Send It Back)

    In co-operation with Triangle Ultimate, Ultiworld is proud to host coach Bridget Johnson (Warhawks) and star players Sydney Rehder (Warhawks) and Ella Juengst (Rogue) as they revisit the exciting final from the 2017 Youth Club Championships.

  • 2018 WUCC Indoor Semifinals (Send it Back)

    Charlie Eisenhood and Keith Raynor kick back and rewatch the unprecedented indoor conclusion to the 2018 WUCC semifinals following tremendous thunderstorms that threatened to cancel the rest of the tournament. In exciting 20 minute bursts, thousands of spectators packed into an indoor arena to w...

  • Florida United vs Sockeye: 2017 Club Championships (Send it Back)

    Sin the Fields hosts Tad Wissel and Patrick Stegemoeller bring on staunch Florida apologist Andrew Roca and Seattle Sockeye coach Dave Hogan to banter about the controversial and shocking Florida United vs Sockeye pool play game that kicked off the 2017 Club Championships. Video courtesy of Aksh...

  • Ring of Fire vs Ironside: 2014 Club Championships Semi (Send it Back)

    Raleigh Ring of Fire coach Mike DeNardis joins Jon Nethercutt and Boston Ironside's coach Josh McCarthy in this throwback to the epic double game point finish 2014 Club Championships semifinal.

  • Rival vs Phoenix: 2018 Elite-Select Challenge Semifinal (Send it Back)

    Columbus Rivals' Sophie Knowles and Iris Javersak sit down with Raleigh Phoenix's Jenny Wei as they rewatch the 2018 ESC semifinal that pitted two up and coming club women's teams.

  • Johnny Bravo vs GOAT: 2014 Club Championships Semifinal (Send it Back)

    Denver players Ian Toner and Sean Keegan and Toronto coach Sachin Raina go back to 2014 for this intense double game point semifinal at the club championships.

  • Empire vs Breeze: 2019 Regular Season (Send it Back)

    Rowan McDonnell (DC Breeze) and Ben Katz (NY Empire) revisit this divisional rivalry double overtime clash with a controversial ending from the 2019 AUDL regular season.

  • Riot vs Fury: 2008 Club Championships Final (Send it Back)

    Join Miranda Roth Knowles (Riot) and coach Matty Tsang (Fury) as they breakdown strategy, emotions, and sheer brilliance in this epic showdown between two fiery Northwest rivals. The 2008 Club Championships Final is one for the ages!

  • AMP vs Mixtape: 2017 Club Championships Final (Send it Back)

    Anna Thompson (AMP) and Khalif El-Salaam (Mixtape) sit down to revisit one of the best mixed games of the decade. This 2017 Club Championship final is chock full of great plays, raucous fans, classic Sarasota wind, and the occasional beef!

  • Gridlock vs Radiance: 2019 PUL Championships Semi (Send it Back)

    Amy Zhou (NY Gridlock) and Jenny Wei (Raleigh Radiance) swing back to the 2019 PUL Championships for this incredible double overtime semifinal between an upstart New York squad and the powerhouse Raleigh team.

  • Doublewide vs Florida United: 2017 Club Championships Quarter (Send it Back)

    Sin the Fields' Tad Wissel and Patrick Stegemoeller roll back to this uniquely compelling quarterfinal at the 2017 Club Championships that set an Ultiworld record for most concurrent live stream viewers.

  • Revolution vs Molly Brown: 2017 US Open Final (Send it Back)

    Current teammates Manuela Cardenas (Revolution) and Claire Chastain (Molly Brown) revisit this excellent showdown when they were on opposing sides in the final of the 2017 US Open Championships.

  • Revolver vs Ring of Fire: 2016 Club Championships Semi (Send it Back)

    Veteran stars Grant Lindsley (Revolver) and Jack Williams (Ring of Fire) reflect back on their earlier days with their respective teams as they rewatch this excellent semifinal matchup in the 2016 Club Championships. Ring and Revolver would go on to see each other 3 consecutive times in the semi...

  • Pittsburgh vs Minnesota: 2016 College Championships Semi (Send it Back)

    Trent Dillon (Pittsburgh) and Ben Jagt (Minnesota) throw it back to the 2016 College Championships semifinals, where weather delays pushed games far into the night. Enjoy this unforgettable game on the best championship semifinal day ever in the college division!

  • Revolution vs Soul: 2019 PUL Championships Semi (Send it Back)

    MedellĂ­n Revolution head coach Mauricio Moore joins the Atlanta Soul's Erynn Schroeder to discuss the amazing double overtime showdown in the Championship semifinal of the Premier Ultimate League's inaugural season.

  • Stanford vs Cal Poly SLO: 2016/2018 College Regional Final (Send it Back)

    Gabe Hernandez (Stanford) and Caleb Merriam (Cal Poly SLO) go back in time for two classic Nationals qualification games in the Southwest Regional Final.

  • Stanford vs Oregon: 2016 College Championship Semi (Send it Back)

    Ella Hansen (Oregon Fugue) and Shayla Harris (Stanford Superfly) revisit this classic showdown between two powerhouse college programs in the 2016 College Championship semifinals. Not lacking in star power, these programs put on great individual and team performances.

  • Cascades vs Radicals: 2016 AUDL Championships Semi (Send it Back)

    Seattle's Mark Burton and Madison's Kevin Pettit-Scantling take a walk back through this instant classic from the 2016 AUDL Championship semifinal. Madison built a near-insurmountable lead before Seattle went on won of the greatest runs ever seen, capped by some of the sports most iconic plays.

  • PoNY vs Machine: 2018 Club Championship Quarter (Send it Back)

    Coach Bryan Jones (PoNY) and key handler Pawel Janas (Machine) drive the conversation as they revisit this classic clash between two powerhouse teams in the quarterfinals at the 2018 Club Championships.

  • Schwa vs Molly Brown: 2019 Club Championships Quarter (Send it Back)

    Jesse Shofner (Molly Brown) and Laura Bitterman (Schwa) drive this fascinating rewatch of Portland Schwa's shocking upset over semifinalist regular Denver Molly Brown in the 2019 Club Championships quarterfinal. Come for the excellent plays and double game point finish and stick around for the d...

  • Sockeye vs Ironside: 2013 Club Championships Semi (Send it Back)

    Danny Karlinsky (Sockeye) and Josh Markette (Ironside) dive into the past with this classic men's semifinal at the 2013 Club Championships. Featuring no lack of elite playmaking and physicality, these two powerhouse programs put on quite the show in the quest for a club title.