• Sprocket vs. Mixtape | Mixed Pool Play

    Club Championships 2021

    It wasn’t that long ago that Seattle Mixtape were the upstart program taking the mixed division by storm in their first appearance at Nationals. After ascending to the stalwart status, Seattle now take on a similarly exciting and talent-packed first-year team from the other side of the country, B...

  • BFG vs. Mixtape | Mixed Final

    S.M.U.T. 2021

    The SMUT final came down to two highly ranked Northwest teams, Mixtape and BFG. A years-long rubber match for the title of best of Seattle, Mixtape comes away on top more often than not. But BFG has been a steady force in the mixed scene and looks to topple Mixtapes reign.

  • Birdfruit vs. Mixtape | Mixed Pool Play

    S.M.U.T. 2021

    Seattle Birdfruit may rock the best avian pun logo in all of ultimate, certainly one to make any Kiwi proud. Mixtape has been the class of the Seattle mixed scene for years and look stronger than ever with some key pickups from Riot. S.M.U.T. offers both teams a chance to tune up leading into the...

  • Drag'n Thrust vs. Mixtape | Mixed Quarterfinal

    Club Championships 2021

    Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust rode an incredible 6 goal run en route to a shocking 14-13 victory over shame. in the Club Championships prequarterfinal. Their reward? Playing #3 seed Seattle Mixtape in the quarter. Mixtape was undefeated on day 1, but didn't get much separation over their opponents. T...

  • Slow White vs. Mixtape | Mixed Semifinal | Pro-Elite Challenge 2017

    2017 Pro-Elite Challenge, Mixed Division, Boston Slow White v. Seattle Mixtape [semifinal]

  • Club Championships (2015 Men's/Women's/Mixed)

    9 videos

    [2015-CLBNAT-M] including games with Chicago Machine, Denver Johnny Bravo, Michigan High Five, Raleigh Ring of Fire, Seattle Sockeye, and Toronto GOAT.
    [2015-CLBNAT-W] including games with Atlanta Ozone, Boston Brute Squad, Denver Molly Brown, Portland Schwa, and Vancouver Traffic.

  • BFG vs. Moondog | Mixed Pool Play

    S.M.U.T. 2021

    Montana Moondog, the darling surprise of 2019, is rolling with a small squad after SMUT was moved 5 hours west at the last minute. Seattle BFG is a powerhouse seeking to upseat Mixtape as the pride of northwest mixed ultimate.

    **Due to a technical issue, there is no sound for this game. Our apol...