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  • Club Championships 2021

    0 videos

  • Club Regionals 2021

    31 videos

  • Pro Championships 2021

    18 videos

  • Eugene reOpen

    6 videos

  • AMP Invite 2021

    5 videos

    Philadelphia AMP brings together elite Mixed division talent from across the Northwest and Mid-Atlantic for this exciting 2 day event.

  • Elite-Select Challenge 2021

    8 videos

    Expect high flying action at the Elite-Select Challenge, as nationals hopefuls and rising programs test themselves leading into the USAU series.

  • S.M.U.T. 2021

    7 videos

    Our first look at many of the best Mixed teams the Northwest has to offer should give insight into what to expect at club regionals later this year.

  • Select Flight Invite West 2021

    6 videos

    Featuring elite Mixed and up-and-coming men's teams, SFI West is a mid-season testing ground for many.

  • YCC 2021
    6 videos

    YCC 2021

    6 videos

    A pandemic-disrupted Youth Club Championships showcases some of the best young talent the country has to offer, but many of the top teams chose not to attend this year.

  • US Open 2021

    13 videos

    A pandemic-disrupted US Open only has men's division action in Blaine, Minnesota, with a field of the top teams in the country plus up-and-coming challengers.

  • Select Flight Invite East 2021

    7 videos

    The Select Flight Invite offers up and coming teams a chance to test their mettle against similar competition from around the country.

  • Boston Invite 2021

    8 videos

    This classic northeast tournament is back in full swing, hosting a large field of classic and elite teams. The usually strong Canadian presence will be missed this year due to border restrictions, but still expect to see Devens, Massachusetts full of ultimate.

  • USAU Masters Championships 2021

    11 videos

    The largest ever USA Ultimate Masters Championships will see nearly 100 teams face off in Aurora in six divisions (Men’s Masters, Men’s Grand Masters, Men’s Great Grand Masters, Mixed Masters, Women’s Masters, and Women’s Grand Masters). Not only will the tournament crown national champs, but it ...

  • Pro-Elite Challenge 2021

    12 videos

    Kicking off the 2021 Triple Crown Tour, the Pro-Elite Challenge features a range of elite and up-and-coming men's and mixed teams from across the country. Held in Aurora, Colorado on July 10-11, 2021.

    Videos will be published in the week following the event.

  • Richmond Cup 2021

    12 videos

    The Richmond Cup was a 2-day mixed gender tournament with a $10,000 prize pool hosted in Richmond, Virginia on June 12-13, 2021.

  • Sideline Talk Episode 42: Jay Janin

    Long-time University of Oregon head coach Jay Janin sits down for an episode of Sideline Talk to discuss his time as a coach, his origins in the sport in the late '70s, his philosophy about building a competitive team, and managing players at different levels of the sport. Janin talks about his o...

  • Throwing Hammers in the Wind | Part 2: Using Hammers In-Game

    In this video, analyst Joe Marmerstein breaks down when you should use hammers in a game, how to maximize their effectiveness, and how establishing the hammer early can open up other throws later in a possession or match.

  • Slow Burn: The Rise of Ring of Fire's Next Generation

    Raleigh's Ring of Fire has qualified for club nationals 23 consecutive years, advancing to 8 semifinals and 1 final, but they have never won a title. The 2019 squad was positioned to change that, featuring young, experienced leaders and role players who grew up within the Triangle Ultimate system...

  • Color of Ultimate Showcase | LA Throwback 2020

    The Color of Ultimate is a series of events hosted by AFDC's Project Diversity to bring awareness about the socioeconomic and racial inequity of the sport of ultimate. This edition brings the game to the sandy beach at the LA Throwback, highlighting elite players of color from around the world, e...

  • Doublewide vs. Sockeye | Men's Pool Play | Emerald City Classic 2012

    Austin Doublewide v. Seattle Sockeye, Emerald City Classic, 2012 Club Men's

  • Fury vs. Riot | Women's Semifinal | Club Championships 2016

    2016 Club Women's, Fury v. Riot